Submissions of Monster Creations

Are you a writer? Send us your monster stories. Are you a director? Send us your scary videos.  An Artist?  We want your art.


Must have a monster.  Your choice of creature.  In the future we’ll have themes, but for now, send them all this way and let the Dungeon Master sort them out.

Those submissions that get accepted will be paid.  Don’t expect to retire.  But you might get a decent lunch out of it.

We own the rights to run it on (web, mobile, app, youtube, facebook, twitter)  as long as we want.  You’ll get full credit and a link to your site.  You own the rights elsewhere.  Post it anywhere else, we don’t care.  It’s your story/video/art and you should do what you want with it. We want you to be successful as a creative soul.

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Bright light over my car
Don’t remember anything.
Except… NO NOT THAT!