Intellectual Property Rights
Unless specifically stated we own it and retain all legal rights both in the United States and elsewhere.  With the exception of user submitted materials.

User Submitted Material
Includes comments, text, video, audio and formats to be named later posted by any user who is not a legal agent of Monsterslair.  We do not endorse any content posted as user submissions.  Unfortunately there are those who do not abide by the law and post material that is not owned by them.  When notified we will promptly remove it.

if you do post on the site, don’t be a jerk and please abide by generally accepted rules of civility and etiquette — it will make everyone’s experience better.  We reserve the right to remove content at any time for any reason.

Copyright Notice
The Website is ©2012, All Rights Reserved. No portion of the Website may be copied, reproduced, transmitted, derived, or otherwise used for any purpose without the prior written permission of

Mayan Apocalypse
In the event of the Mayan Apocalypse (also includes Zombie Apocalypse, Worldwide Pandemic, Robot Takeover, Asteroid Impact, Nanotech Gray Goo, Alien Invasion, or other Global Extinction Event- GBE) this agreement is null and void.  Do what you want. 

But until that point, please abide by the minimal rules


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Monster Haiku

The sun sets. Day begins.
Hunger drives my appetite
Convenient. She’s alone.